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Gerry's Book Review: Looking for something to read? Wondering what's new? Want to get a sneak look at the content before you buy? You can find all this with a visit to Gerry's Book Reviews. New books are being added every day so visit often.

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Gerry Burnie Books: Canadian historical fiction. Triple-award-winning author, Gerry Burnie, currently has two novels available for collecting, and a third due for release March 2010. "Canada has a rich and colourful history that for the most part is waiting to be discovered. The type of history I refer to is seldom found in textbooks, and yet it is very much part of the Canadian experience." For details click HERE.

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The Burnie Family Album: This site is dedicated to the Burnie genealogy through eight generations of Burnies (and kin), and includes a search engine, photos, family tree and anecdotes. To go directly to the Burnie Family Album site, click HERE.


Stop the Bull Blog! This is a lively discussion page on the political, social and cultural issues of the day. It is opinionated and provocative, and pulls no punches with stupidity and the 'sacred cows' of our society. To Stop the Bull, click HERE.


In Memoriam for a lost Friend: is a tribute to the memory of my faithful canine friend and companion who was tragically killed in an accident on August 4th, 2000. Requiem Cant in pace.




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